Want to sell your product? consider E-Commerce

E-Commerce also is known as Electronic Commerce is the purchasing of products and services as well as transactions online using some online medium such as the internet. E-Commerce encompasses a range of businesses within it while now it has adopted the shape of an industry.

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You will get everything in the E-Commerce ranging from fashion, medicines, household electronics, makeup, kitchen accessories, movies, music and all other stuff. In fact, everything that sells on physical stores is now available online through E-Commerce.

E-Commerce allows you to purchase goods and services online without any boundary of time and distance i.e. sitting in your living room in Dubai you can purchase products through E-Commerce in America or any other part of the world. You will pay online while the product will be shipped to you within a few days.

Besides using E-Commerce, you can also avail of any services like movie subscription, Educational tutorials, health services and all other stuff. In fact, E-Commerce has made the lives easier than ever before.

Types of E-Commerce Business

  • B2C (Business to Consumer): In B2C E-Commerce Business sells products or services to consumers i.e. the health care industry in which company sells medicines or health care products to consumers
  • B2B (Business to Business): In B2B E-Commerce business sell products or services to any other business i.e. Internet Service Provider (ISP) selling internet service to another business to carry out their operations online
  • C2C (Consumer to Consumer): In C2C E-Commerce consumers sell products to another consumer online i.e. dealing between two customers on a particular product on Olx
  • C2B (Consumer to Business): In C2B E-Commerce consumers sell products or services to another business such as customer reviews

Advantages of E-Commerce

In the 20th century, E-Commerce has changed the way we shop. Now customers prefer to buy online rather than visiting the marketplace in person. While online shopping is much more convenient rather than visiting the marketplace in person.

It saves your time, you can shop anywhere in the world just by sitting at your home place, besides it also provides you the flexibility to select things from a range of thousands. You can have other customer’s opinions before buying the product while the E-Commerce business will provide you the most precise thing.

In this topic, we will discuss some of the benefits of E-Commerce.

Relocate anywhere in the world

The internet is available all over the world. A customer sitting in Bangladesh or India can purchase a product using the online medium in America. In the physical store, customers are limited due to location and timing i.e. you cannot relocate from one city to another just to buy stuff of 1$. Besides the physical marketplace also has a specific duration.

E-Commerce business removes all the limitations that a physical store has you can shop at any location of the world and at any time of the day. Besides the E-Commerce stores offers high-quality products at lesser prices.

Reduce Time and Money

Physical store has to pay a wide range of money in terms of bills i.e. electricity, internet, telephone, gas, rent and others. While the E-Commerce business has to pay once in a year just for domain and hosting. Thus they will charge you lesser as compared to the physical marketplace.

Also an E-Commerce website will save plenty of time of you as it frees you from the headache that are present in the physical marketplace such as choosing the product, paying for the bill, parking issues, amusement and entertainment and other such problems.

24/7 Customer Service

Having an E-Commerce store allows you to support your customers 24/7 in a week. You can deploy chatbots to serve your customers around the clock. Besides you can also organize your FQs well so that your customers can have their answers at an instant. Unlike the physical marketplace in which you have to contact the manager for any query.

Disadvantages of E-Commerce

On the other hand, E-Commerce also has disadvantages. We will discuss the most prominent of them.

No Physical Store

Having an online E-Commerce store will not allow you to sell your products physically. However, there are many examples in the world that have started their journey from the physical store turn it into an E-Commerce store and now they are working online while their physical store has vanished.

No Face-to-Face Confrontation with customers

If you selling your products online, you will never be able to see your customers. In this way, you cannot develop a sense of loyalty with your customers. However, Brand awareness and customer loyalty allow you to achieve the objectives.

High Competition

As everyone has selling their products online this give a sense of competition in the market. Nowadays it is very tough to sell online and to rank your website. You should have to hire a proper SEO team for this purpose which will make your products more visible in the market.

Want to start your E-Commerce Business Follow these Tips

We have guided you on E-Commerce also suggest you it advantages and disadvantages. Now there is a need that how can start your own E-Commerce Business. Read this topic till the end if you want to know that how you can start your own E-Commerce business.

Find a Particular Niche

Find a niche in which you are interested in. You should have products to sell. You could offer digital as well as physical products. However, if you don’t have products you could start with Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing allows you to sell other products for which you will receive a commission upon the successful sale of each product. You can start with Amazon, E-Bay or Click Bank to start your E-Commerce business.

Buy Domain Name and Hosting

At the end buy a domain name and hosting if you want to start your E-Commerce website. Remember that you should prefer EMD (Exact Match Domains) domains over PMD (Partial Match Domain) domains. Google rank EMD domains more quickly. However, PMD domains are best if you want to go for a long time.

Like if you are selling tablets, TabletsUnderbudget.com is an EMD domain while BestPlaceForShopping.com is a PMD domain.

Write high engaging content with free of plagiarism

One of the top strategies which is required for the growth of e-commerce is content marketing. Content marketing means to write the content that is engaging for your audience as well as that is enriched in SEO to rank your site.

Publishing content on your website doesn’t means to copy the content from someone’s website and paste it on your site. In real, you have to write the content that is unique and free of plagiarism whereas it must be checked in the duplicate content checker that are usually available online.


We have guided you on E-Commerce also suggest you with its advantages and disadvantages. Also suggest you the way to start your E-Commerce business. Besides, we have also given you an overview of Affiliate Marketing.